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At Luddendenfoot Clinic Pharmacy, we provide a full range of travel clinic services including travel vaccinations and malaria tablets. Whether you need vaccinations for holiday or work, travelling to Africa or Japan, a Rabies Vaccine or a Tetanus vaccination, our specialist travel pharmacists are here to help. We are able to administer all travel vaccines including Yellow Fever and supply malaria tablets without a prescription. We can administer vaccines to children as well as adults. Contact us to find out more about your trusted travel clinic in Halifax.

Luddendenfoot Travel Clinic is an easy to access travel clinic that is committed to providing essential travel healthcare to the community of Halifax and surrounding areas. Our customers are our priority, and we endeavour to provide them with exceptional service and healthcare. Located in the heart of the community we strive to be the first choice for customer needs.

We firmly believe to serve the community requires a constant commitment and professional attitude towards its healthcare needs. Our pharmacists aim to provide our patients and customers with comprehensive information and guidance about their travel health and well-being.

We remain patient focused and offer easy access to a wide range of Travel Clinic services and medical supplies. This includes all travel vaccinations and Antimalarials. We also offer free advice on reducing the risk of diseases for which there are no vaccinations (such as dengue fever and Zika virus) and treatment of conditions such as travellers’ diarrhoea and altitude sickness. Our clinic is especially popular with last-minute travellers and as a key partner of the NHS, we also work closely with local healthcare providers, addressing specific travel care needs.

Check what vaccines you need for your destination by visiting the NHS Travel health pro website.  

Contact us to find out more about your trusted Travel Clinic in Luddendenfoot.


Disease Vaccine Schedule Booster
Diphtheria Tetanus, Polio Vaccine REVAXIS Single dose if vaccinated as a child 10 years
If never vaccinated 0,1 and 2 months
Hepatitis A Vaccine AVAXIM VAQTA VAQTA PAED 1 DOSE 2nd dose 6-12 months later will give 25 years immunity
Typhoid vaccine TYPHIM Vi Single dose 3 years
Yellow Fever Vaccine STAMARIL Single dose Life long
Certificate valid for life.
Hepatitis B vaccine ENERGIX B ENGERIX B PAED 0,7,21 days and 12 months Single booster 5 years after primary immunization may be required for those at high risk or occupational risk
0,1,2, 12 months,
0,1, 6 months
Rabies Vaccine RABIES BP 0,7, 21/28 days or rapid schedule day 0, day 3, day 7 and 4th dose at 12 months Booster doses depend on risk. For travellers-1 year after completion of standard schedule.
RABIPUR For occupational or high risk-depends on antibody levels.
Cholera vaccine DUKORAL 2 doses at 0 and 1-6 weeks for adults and children over 6 years. 2 years for adults and children over 6 years
3 doses at day 0, 1-6 weeks and 3rd dose 1-6 weeks after 2nd dose for children 2-6 years. 6 months for children 2-6 years
Meningitis ACWY Vaccine Nimenrix or Menveo 1 dose Unknown
(5 years Hajj)
Japanese Encephalitis vaccine IXIARO 0, 28 days or rapid schedule 0, 7 days 12-24 months depending on risk.

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